Get to know your community through GUIDED FOOD TOURS

All inclusive bus tours to local restaurants, food trucks, pubs etc to TASTE foods,MEET owners, HAVE DRINKS and spend 30-40 minutes at each place in order to DISCOVER NEW FAVORITES and go back again and again. Routes change frequently. Come Hungry!

Available Tours

Attend the Launch Party Thursday February 21st, 6p

Wild Game in Longmont- RSVP on Eventbrite

2019 Is bringing exciting changes, the new luxury bus in action and other big announcements!

We make it easy to try new places, taste the food, meet the owners, so you can see more in a short time and find new favorite places to revisit! Really get to know the people and why they do what they do. Meet others or have fun with your group!


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" I now have several places I frequent regularly that only a few months ago did not even know existed. I recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of the multitude of great businesses that Longmont has to offer. I know I will go on many more tours myself.

Joe Taylor/Longmont/Co