About Wonder Tours

The founder of Wonder Tours and main tour guide, Jennifer Ferguson, had the idea for these unique and affordable tours that visit both new and longstanding restaurants and other gathering spots, where guests get to meet the owners and sample their wares. Along the way you'll enjoy tasty treats, have fun, and quite likely make some new friends from the area.

Tours are expanding and soon will include more than food stops! If you are interested in a sponsorship or promoting yourself or your business through Wonder Tours, please reach out to Jennifer. It's a great way for local businesses to engage directly with their customers and make that rare face-to-face connection that is so important.

Come check out a tour for yourself and find out what Wonder Tours is all about. Maybe you know a great spot we should add to a tour? At Wonder Tours we're listening, as we're always looking for fresh and exciting discoveries to deliver to our guests. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet The Founder

Jennifer Ferguson


Jennifer Ferguson founded Wonder Tours to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the Boulder County region. Jennifer grew up in this area and, after some years away, including time earning her masters in business administration, she returned to the area in 2005 to raise her two daughters. Family get-togethers, the joy of trying and falling in love with a new favorite restaurant or other hotspot, and the camaraderie and human connection that comes with sharing an adventure with friends and strangers alike are what drives Wonder Tours. Won’t you join her?